April 24, 2024

Training Tuesday: Grip Strength & Shoulder Stability

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The truth is, our shoulders are not used to being under tension (hanging). Think about it…how much time do you spend daily with even your hand over your head let alone hanging from something? Unless your job requires it, the answer is probably little to none!

So, how do we develop two of the most important elements in training for an OCR? Watch this video from an industry professional and Founder of OCRTraining.com’s Sarah Pozdol and see how you can safely and progressively develop a grip that’s going to get you through the course!

TIP: TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY to safely add progressive grip strength and shoulder stabilization exercises into your OCR training plan.

For example, in the Cruise The Course training manual, workout # 34 adds :30 bar hangs into its 20 min cycle. This, in addition to the functional movements programmed, will develop grip and get your body used placing the shoulder under stress while the body is feeling fatigued (similar to what you are going to experience on course)

For more information on tips and training programs visit: www.ocrtraining.com

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