July 18, 2024

Vedic Tree Pre School | 26th November 2020 | Constitution Day

Vedic Tree Pre School | 26th November 2020 | Constitution Day

Video by Vedic Tree Kids Learning App via YouTube

Vedic Tree Pre School Announces Online Pre-School for Class Nursery, Junior K.G & Senior K.G. ***Free Registration***, ***June Month Absolutely Free*** For any more information kindly visit us @ https://vedictreeschool.online Vedic Tree believes that Value-Based Education is the key to success and Education is baseless if there are no values embedded in it. Hence at Vedic Tree, the Curriculum has been designed in such a manner in which VALUES & LIFE SKILL ACTIVITIES are included in the day to day learning. Value-based learning happens in a PLAY & LEARN Method. Due to lockdown, there have been a lot of financial implications to a lot of families and does that mean the child doesn’t deserve good quality Education. At Vedic Tree, we have a clear mission to give the BEST QUALITY EDUCATION AT THE MOST REASONABLE PRICE possible and hence we came up with this solution.

Website :- http://vedictreeschool.online/#/

Contact no :- +9102235000808

Vedic Tree Kids Learning App :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vedic.preschool

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