July 18, 2024

Vege Minerals – ParadiseNutrients

Vege Minerals - ParadiseNutrients

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Veggiemin Minerals are a broad spectrum of over 74 plant derived colloidal minerals that have been extracted from a deposit shale type material called senonian vegetate. The shale was formed many thousands of years ago when large amounts of vegetative matter was deposited into valleys, then sandstone caps formed over the top. Protecting and preserving it from weathering and leaching. The vegetative matter that formed the shale like material grew in times when the soil was extremely rich with a broad spectrum of minerals. Minerals that come from a plant are by far the most bio available source of minerals outside of the fresh food source.

These minerals have been assimilated or digested by the plant through a process call photosynthesis, which turns them into water soluble colloidal minerals. According to food chemistry, plant derived minerals are 98 to 100% absorbed by the body. Generally, they are 200 to 2000 times smaller than metallic (hard rock) minerals. Some colloidal minerals are no larger than .0000001 of a micron.

Plant derived colloidal minerals are water soluble and carry a negative electrical charge. This has two very important benefits.

1. It greatly enhances the transport, absorbability and assimilation of other nutrients like vitamins from foods and supplements.

2. They will attract toxins and heavy metals from within the body so they can be excreted out of the body.

The Veggiemin minerals is extracted as a liquid and spray dried into a food grade vegetable mineral powder. The minerals are processed in a GMP facility and are USA GRASS certified. Paradise Nutrients uses the minerals in many food supplements and the minerals are sprayed onto many of our herbal supplement before or after harvest to enhance the mineral availability in the herbs. Veggiemin food grade veggie caps and liquid Veggiemin are pure plant derived food grade minerals.

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