July 17, 2024

Video: How to grow Sprouts and Microgreens on your Kitchen Bench

Author: Kirsten Bradley
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Growing your own nutritious sprouts and microgreens at home is super easy – you don’t even need a garden space. A kitchen bench will do just fine. 

And the results? Fresh, flavourful sprouts – packed with nutrients – and tasty leafy micro greens – to top your sandwiches and salads, or add to your stir fries – for extra nutrition and extra crunch.  Home grown by you.

All you need to get started is a few jars, a few seeds, and a bit of basic know-how – which we have happily provided below.

The results you’ll get are fast, cheap, easy AND delicious – fresh food, grown right in your kitchen – where you need it most.

Growing even a little bit of your own food at home is something we encourage everyone to do, – and so growing sprouts and microgreens is something that we teach in our online Permaculture Living course.

Because every little bit of resilience that we can cram into our household and community counts – and so does knowing how to grow your own food, if and when you need it, at home.

An extra great thing about sprouts and microgreens is that you can grow them year-round in your kitchen – regardless of what’s happening outside.

Rightio then, let’s get growing…

Click the button above for the full video AND your free downloadable guides for growing both sprouts and micro greens, at your place…

The resources above are a lesson from our Permaculture Living online course – a 12 week, interactive, learn-from-home, in depth program of skills and habits to help you create household resilience.

This program will take you from ‘where do I start?’ to a version of yourself who is FULL of new skills and good ideas – and motivated to start living like it matters. You can join the waitlist for our next class here – bookings open March 16th.

This free How-To is also part of our Permaculture Living 2020 series – one everyday climate action for you, each week. 

And let us know how you go? We’d love to hear.

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