July 14, 2024

Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals

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Research shows 90% of sales have moved to video conferencing, and 50% of sales leaders believe this model will continue. Instructor Shari Levitan walks you through how this transformation to virtual selling works and how to make it work for you. First, Shari covers why virtual selling is vital, how to find your focus, and how to keep the technology that you use from becoming a distraction. The course goes into how to set up a productive home environment. Shari discusses how to research your clients online and on LinkedIn to build trust and credibility with your prospects. Next, Shari explains why it is harder to build trust online and how to do it anyway. The course takes you through how to incorporate all five senses and the right communication skills in order to create engaging virtual meetings. Shari emphasizes the importance of planning the next steps and putting your knowledge of virtual selling into action.

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