December 10, 2023

Warrior Dash Atlanta Georgia 2019 Race Review

Author: ReallyDerekRoss
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Warrior Dash Atlanta Georgia 2019 Race Review

On April 13, 2019, the Atlanta, Georgia Warrior Dash had everything this OCR fanatic needed to have a great time. To those of you who have ever said, “oh, it’s just a Warrior Dash,” well not in Atlanta. The Atlanta Warrior Dash definitely surprised a lot of individuals including myself. This event was awesome. If anyone was looking for a highly competitive race, the Atlanta Georgia Warrior Dash checked all the right boxes.

Competitive Wave Surprise

The addition of the Alcatraz obstacle was exactly what the Warrior Dash needed to turn things up. The Alcatraz is basically a swim to a floating island, then a jump off and swim to land. Oh, hell yeah!! However, don’t be fooled, the water was at least 8 feet deep. The most difficult part was climbing out of the water onto the floating island. During the competitive wave, this obstacle was quite difficult due to all the swimmers trying to exit the water at the same time. In brief, Warrior Dash is winning with this obstacle.

The Warrior Dash “Atlanta” Energy

By the way, shoutout to the festival DJ. Due to my early wave, I had the luxury of parking fairly close to the festival area, meaning great access to the porta potties and music. Particularly, the music selection was fantastic, balanced, and kept the festival engaging. Warrior Dash also had a ton of volunteers working the event. There were red volunteer shirts everywhere making sure everyone was having a good time and staying hydrated on the course. From the moment I arrived at the Atlanta Warrior Dash, I was greeted with thank you’s, which was repeated throughout the whole day by staff and volunteers.

Keep It Coming

Warrior Dash is doing a phenomenal job building up their OCR presence. Yes! They have a water obstacle. Not to mention, they have their version of a warp wall too. Fantastic! The Atlanta Warrior Dash also included clever innovations such as dumpsters for dirty clothing. Furthermore, this minimized trash bins and created centralized locations for individuals to discard their items as they exit the race. I left the Atlanta Warrior Dash already planning my next race. In short, I would strongly encourage all OCR enthusiasts to include Warrior Dash on their 2019 OCR race schedule. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your family and friends so they can enjoy the ambiance too.

Photo credits: Derek L. Ross


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