September 26, 2023

Watch our latest Showcase Shorts, full of Moodle updates for all!


by Marie Achour.  

Hello Moodlers,

Welcome to this edition of ‘Showcase Shorts’.

Our product teams have just completed another productive sprint and we are excited to share our progress with you all!

This Showcase Short edition contains a number of interesting updates for our beloved Moodle Community Developers:

  1. An update on our progress with integrations, which are moving along at pace as we head towards code freeze for the release of Moodle LMS 4.3.

  2. Some new developments in our QA testing approach, with time-saving improvements that will benefit all our developers.

  3. Good news regarding the conversion of IconSystem from AMD to ESM, with bonus code clean-up for less tech debt – which is always a great thing!

  4. Ongoing updates to our icon component library and a demo of our new UX landing page, with handy links to useful collateral for both design & development, helping us all create a beautiful Moodle together.

  5. And more work and ideas to improve the usability of the Plugin database, one of Moodle’s best assets that deserves a bit of extra love.


We also progressed with the delivery of features and improvements which will be of benefit to our champion Moodle System Administrators in both educational and workplace contexts:

  1. The introduction of filters that can be applied to user tours, enabling more flexibility for administrators in creating tours for their organisations.

  2. The ability for administrators to manually assign a person’s manager in Workplace, making mapping and integration with HR systems easier.

  3. Enhanced dynamic rule functionality, allowing learning plans to be unassigned from a user automatically, reducing manual tasks needed to manage this process.

  4. And last but certainly not least, the successful upgrade of our ‘Download Moodle’ site, which will provide everyone who uses it greater stability and resilience.

The heart of our solutions, our Moodle Educators will also benefit from our recent efforts in:

  1. Simplifying the management of grade outcomes, making educators’ life easier by reducing the amount of time it takes to manage their course gradebooks.

  2. Enhancing pre-configured LTI tool management at a course level, empowering educators to manage LTI tools within their own courses.

  3. And an update on the progress of our work on the Activity Card redesign, part of our ‘forever’ journey of helping our educators provide engaging learning experiences to their learners.

For our Moodle Partners, without whom we couldn’t do what we do, we progressed work that matters to them, including:

  1. An important security improvement, critical for compliance requirements.

  2. Progress towards the launch of Learning Catalogues in Workplace, supporting self-directed learning out of the box in Moodle.

  3. The introduction of a Child Theme for Moodle Workplace, making custom theme administration less time-consuming and less risky.

  4. And the redressing of a bunch of ‘hot topic’ bugs & issues raised for Moodle Workplace.


Our Moodle Mobile App Users will soon benefit from a number of new improvements that drive more consistency with our Moodle LMS desktop version, enhance global search functionality, and provide app administrators with advanced analytics capabilities.

And finally, for all Moodlers, we know that one of the most important things we do is engage with you and seek your feedback, input and contributions to Moodle’s product development. 

This sprint we progressed a number of activities that give us the opportunity to do more of that directly within our product solutions:

  1. We are launching a new Net Promoter & Feedback functionality on our Moodle Cloud standard plan service, which makes it easier for our users to provide us with their insights as they are using our solution. 

  2. Our Moodle Cloud team is also getting into the rhythm of something called ‘continuous discovery’ which means that we are constantly having short but important discussions with our users, ongoingly informing our plans and development efforts.

  3. And we are also embedding direct feedback functionality on, providing you with an opportunity to tell us how we can make the home of our community even better than it already is. 

Until next sprint!

The Moodle Products Team

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