May 20, 2024
5 Surprising Skills from Learning a Foreign Language

5 Surprising Skills from Learning a Foreign Language

5 Surprising Skills from Learning a Foreign Language

Author: Skillabration by Teacher Nikki via YouTube
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5 Surprising Skills from Learning a Foreign Language

Welcome to the first episode of the Skillabration podcast hosted by Nikki Lubing, the owner of Skillabration! In today’s episode you’ll learn about Nikki’s backstory from teacher to entrepreneur, and how she became bilingual.

Through learning Spanish, Nikki acquired 5 unexpected skills that have served her well in life.

Nikki started her career as a public school teacher and later founded Skillabration, an online foreign language school.

While teaching in the school system, she recognized a significant gap between essential life skills and the core subjects that are emphasized in the classroom. She is bridging the gap between school and life with the Skillabration Podcast.

Highlights from the Episode:

-Nikki’s backstory from going to Mexico for the first time to studying abroad in Spain

-How she finally became fluent in Spanish, and struggles she went through along the way (Nearly quitting!).

-How she has navigated the job market after graduate school during the 2008 financial crisis, and dealt with unexpected challenges.

-Quitting the public school system and going through various iterations of her business.

-The 5 skills she nailed from learning a foreign language ranging from resilience to financial literacy.

-Nikki launched the Skillabration Podcast to show that anyone can learn the skills necessary for the real world. She want to give today’s youth a leg up before they graduate.

-At Skillabration, we’re not just about teaching languages; we’re about empowering young people to succeed in all areas of life. Her mission is to take kids’ skills from zero to fuego, sparking their potential for success.

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