May 25, 2024

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Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

An ABC for Enjoying Argentine Literature

Explore the works of three influential figures in Argentine literature and experience Argentine culture, history, and geography.

3 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedA map of Africa with a bottle of pills on top


Antimicrobial Stewardship for Africa

Improve your knowledge of the spread of antimicrobial resistance in Africa and how to reduce it.

3 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedImage showing female violin teacher instructing three young students


Becoming a Better Music Teacher

Improve your teaching strategies and skills as a music teacher or vocal coach and learn how to inspire your music students

5 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in Unlimited

University of Exeter

Building Your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace

Learn about the many factors shaping tomorrow’s working world, and create your future by planning the direction of your career.

2 weeks4 hrs per weekIncluded in Unlimited

Earn a degree from a leading university

Fit learning around your life with an online degree from a leading university. From undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, find the right degree to suit you.

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a photo of someone viewing a substance under a microscope

Taipei Medical University

Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Dosing and Monitoring

Understanding pharmacokinetics, from basic principles to clinical applications.

6 weeks4 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedWeather: a satellite image of clouds above the earth

University of Reading

Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather

Understand and explore the physical processes behind the weather

3 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedA person using a mobile phone

Purdue University

Digital Media Analytics: Using ‘Listening Data’

Explore different social listening tools and discover advanced social media analytics.

2 weeks6 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedSmart phones


Digital Skills: Mobile

Learn about mobile design, development and creating mobile experiences, as well as bigger concepts related to mobile technology.

2 weeks2 hrs per weekFree digital upgradeaudiences enjoying an art and culture event

University of Leeds

Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture

Improve your chances of raising funds for arts and culture by developing your leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

2 weeks4 hrs per weekIncluded in Unlimited

British Council

English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

Discover how very young children learn English as an additional language and how you can help them progress.

6 weeks2 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedTwo pharmacists reaching for medicines on a shelf.

Taipei Medical University

Essentials of Good Pharmacy Practice: The Basics

Discover the essential elements of the Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) guidelines and how they support better pharmaceutical services

3 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedClose-up of a hand using a sewing machine

Fashion Revolution

Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals

Explore the fashion industry’s impact on people and planet, what the Sustainable Development Goals are, and how they are linked

4 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedAn ancient stone carving depicting a doctor treating a patient

The Open University

Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World

Use literary and archaeological evidence to see how ancient Greeks and Romans approached health, well-being and societal issues.

6 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedSteps to success on a chalkboard

University of Bath

How to Succeed in Your Welsh Bacc: the Individual Project Essentials

A short course designed to help students prepare for the Welsh Bacc Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate – Individual Project.

2 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedThe sun rising above the earth's surface as seen from space

University of Wollongong

How to Survive on Earth: Energy Materials for a Sustainable Future

Energy efficiency is a global challenge. Learn how renewable energy and other materials will help ensure life is sustainable.

4 weeks2 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedPolaroid images of people

Humanists UK

Humanist Lives

What does it mean to lead a humanist life? Find out by meeting humanists from around the world and hearing their stories.

6 weeks3 hrs per weekIncluded in UnlimitedShow all courses