March 3, 2024

Build an App With GraphQL, Laravel, and Vue

Author: Jeremy McPeak
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RESTful APIs have many issues. They can require multiple round trips to multiple endpoints in order to fetch related data, and they’re prone to over or under fetch data. GraphQL, a relative newcomer to the web API space, aims to solve those issues with more flexible queries and better tooling. GraphQL promises to provide API end users with a more dynamic and robust API for fetching and submitting data.

Join Jeremy McPeak in this course as he teaches you how to create GraphQL APIs with PHP and consume them with JavaScript. You’ll learn how to create a GraphQL server for your Eloquent data with minimum boilerplate, and then you’ll learn how to consume the GraphQL API from Vue.js. On the front-end, you’ll learn how to query GraphQL without any special client libraries as you understand how all the requests and responses work. Along the way, you’ll build a complete single-page web app with this cutting-edge API technology.

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