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Distance Learning Quiz

To do well in an online or correspondence course, there are aspects of your life that must come together. To determine whether or not this type of course is conducive to your current lifestyle, we recommend that you complete the Distance Education Success Indicator Quiz below. You may also review an Online Learning Tutorial to learn more about how to take online courses and “netiquette.”

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Summer 2019 Last day (NO REFUND) to Drop or Withdraw from a Session 1 course

6/10/19 is the last day (NO REFUND) to Drop (one class) or Withdraw (all classes) from a Summer 2019 Session 1 course that runs from 5/13/19 to 6/21/19.

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University Center details plans for rebrand, new college

Posted: May 13, 2019

Carmen Simone has 700 reasons behind her decision to
become the leader of the University Center in Sioux
Falls: That’s how many area students she estimates
don’t go on to any post-secondary education after
high school.

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2019 Summer Tuition Due Date

2019 Summer tuition due date is 6/10/2019 for students enrolled in summer courses. Contact the UC Business Office for questions or details.

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Distance Learning Quiz – University Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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