E-Learning for the healthcare sector

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Image: Skills for Health logo.Skills for Health is the leading provider for healthcare eLearning across the UK health sector, with over 500,000 completions per annum in the NHS alone. Skills for Health’s e-learning courses provide a flexible solution that makes it easy for your organisation to fulfil all of the latest statutory and mandatory training requirements – helping you to maintain a safe, competent and legally compliant workforce.

E-learning courses

There are a variety of courses commonly required by health sector employees.

The Statutory and Mandatory UK Core Skills training covers the ten core statutory and mandatory subjects, including Fire Safety, Moving and Handling, Safeguarding Adults and Children and Infection, Prevention and Control. Find out more at Skills for Health.

The Primary care statutory and mandatory e-learning courses provide contextualised training, appropriate for the environment. For further information on our primary care courses please visit the Skills Platform for full details.

The Clinical/Care UK Core Skills training aligns with the educational elements of the Care Certificate and is designed with the nonregulated workforce in mind. This training gives employers the confidence that workers have the same introductory skills, knowledge and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and high-quality care and support. This suite of training includes communication, Duty of Care, Fluids and Nutrition and many more. View the available courses on the Skills for Health website.

The Care Certificate e-learning is based on 15 standards, all of which individuals need to complete in full before they can be awarded the Care Certificate. Please view the ‘Available courses‘ at the Skills for Health website.

A range of other e-learning courses have been designed to meet the needs of the sector, through high quality learning. This include immunisation and vaccination, Dysphagia, medical gas safety and many more. Click here to find out more.

How to find out more or make a purchase

To see a complete list of the courses and to make a purchase, we have two routes available to ensure you get the best advice:

Large organisations

For organisations requiring more than 100 licences for e-learning courses, please visit Skills for Health’s E-learning. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Small and medium-sized organisations

If you are looking to buy an individual course for yourself or require fewer than 100 licences, then all of our e-learning courses, including the Small Employer Package, can be purchased though our online marketplace, the Skills Platform.

E-Learning for the healthcare sector

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