February 22, 2024

Elizabeth B. Splaine Shares Her Latest Novel – Steel Butterflies: Historical Fiction, WWII, Friendship, & Secrets – 593

Author: Steven Miletto

Elizabeth B. Splaine Shares Her Latest Novel – Steel Butterflies: Historical Fiction, WWII, Friendship, & Secrets. This is episode 593 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Elizabeth B. Splaine wrote the Dr. Julian Stryker series of “Blind” thrillers (Blind Order and Blind Knowledge), as well as Devil’s Grace, the winner of the When Words Count writing competition. Additionally, she wrote Swan Song, an historical fiction novel, which was chosen by independentbookreview.com as a “Top 35 Impressive Indie Press Book of 2021.” 

Prior to writing, Elizabeth earned an AB in Psychology from Duke University and an MHA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She spent eleven years working in healthcare before switching careers to become a professional opera singer and voice teacher. 

When not writing, Elizabeth teaches classical voice in Rhode Island where she lives with her family.

Today, our focus is on her latest novel Steel Butterflies.

A little about Steel Butterflies…

(Based on True Events)

Ebony Dobbs has problems: unruly hair, not fitting in with the popular kids, figuring out how to pay for college…and a secret she’s buried so deeply even though she doesn’t know the truth. 

A kick-butt best friend, Connor Leibovitz, uses his computer genius to dig into a new secret… Ebony reluctantly accompanies her mother on a home health visit, meeting Madame Celeste DeWit, a 97-year-old with a closet full of skeletons from WWII. 

As Ebony learns the truth about Madame’s wartime exploits, she comes to terms with her own past, realizing she and Madame share more than they differ. When Connor uncovers information that implicates Madame’s estate manager in a plot to steal the old woman’s fortune, the teenagers launch a campaign to protect her, even as Madame’s past barrels into the present, threatening to destroy everything in its path. 

Inspired by real people and places, Steel Butterflies will have you marveling at the beautiful simplicity of true friendship, as well as the courage of women who come face-to-face with determining their future.

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