June 23, 2024
Gauthmath- A Good Online Math Homework Helper for Students

Gauthmath- A Good Online Math Homework Helper for Students

Gauthmath- A Good Online Math Homework Helper for Students

Author: By Med Kharbach, PhD

Gauthmath is a math homework helper app that provides step-by-step solutions to all types of math problems including word problems and geometry. The app also offers access to online math tutors to help learners with their math problems in algebra, graphing, calculus, and many more. Tutors are from over 30 countries and are available around the clock.

Gauthmath- A Good Online Math Homework Helper for Students
Image source: gauthmath.com

Besides online math tutoring, Gauthmath has an integrated AI calculator allowing students to find solutions to complex math problems. Students can simply install the app,  scan or take a photo of the math problem using their mobile device, and Gauthmath does the rest. It instantly interprets and solves it and provides detailed step by step instructions and explanations.

By following the step-by-step explanations, students will learn ‘how to solve the math problem instead of just solving it for you. Besides, Gauthmath provides fundamental methods in its original maths learning short videos. For multiple choice questions, Gauthmath explains every choice’. Gauthmath also provides graphing services that help with illustrating complex function expressions. Graphs help students learn to draw and solve function problems. 

Gauthmath covers various math topics including:  math word problems, algebra, function, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, matrix, logic, and more. Gauthmath features a video section where students can access a wide variety of video tutorials covering different math problems including how to rationalize the denominator, how to solve linear equations, the difference of two squares, how to use samples to estimate the population, among others.

How much does Gauthmath cost?

Gauthmath is available as a mobile app for both Android and iPad/iPhone devices. The app is free to install but it includes in-app purchases such as conic sections ($4.99), application of integrals ($2.99), exponential equations ($0.99), sets ($0.99), rational indices ($0.99), Venn Diagram ($0.99), and more.

Gauthmath alternatives?

Some helpful alternatives to Gauthmath include: Symbolab, DeltaMath, Mathway, XtraMath,  and Photomath.

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