March 3, 2024

Introducing Executive Director Daniela Robles

Author: Arizona K12 Center

Meet the Arizona K12 Center’s new executive director, Daniela Robles, in today’s episode of 3Ps in a Pod. Daniela has been in education for more than 27 years, including working as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and a variety of administrative roles at the school and district level.

In today’s episode, hosts Marlys and Kathleen talk with Daniela about what first brought her into teaching and about her continued passion for Arizona education. She shares about the highlights of her career, including National Board Certification, and how the Arizona K12 Center helped elevate her practice and leadership over the years.

She also speaks to her vision for the work of the Arizona K12 Center.

Learn more about Robles at and about the Arizona K12 Center at

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