March 3, 2024

Java Code Cleanup on An Example Project

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Java Code Cleanup on An Example Project, Clean Code, Effective Code, SOLID Principle, Design Patterns.

When you develop software, you encounter with some unwilling code. For example, these codes can be long method, long class or dirty code. In this course, you will learn basic solutions about such kind of problems. Also, you will learn SOLID priciples and some design patterns. We will mention about these topics in this course:

  1. Nested condition cleanup
  2. Long methods cleanup
  3. Long class cleanup
  4. Model/Entity cleanup
  5. Code cleanup with command pattern.
  6. Code cleanup with builder pattern.
  7. Code cleanup with visitor design pattern
  8. Code cleanup with Single Responsibility Principle
  9. Code cleanup with Open/Closed Principle
  10. Code cleanup with Liskov’s Substitution Principle
  11. Code cleanup with Interface Segregation Principle
  12. Code cleanup with Dependency Inversion Principle

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