February 22, 2024

Jeff Ikler & Steve Miletto Discuss the Memoir Rocket Boys in Terms of Student Agency in Schools – 586

Author: Steven Miletto

Jeff Ikler & Steve Miletto Discuss the Memoir Rocket Boys in Terms of Student Agency in Schools. This is episode 586 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Jeff is the Director of Quetico Leadership and Career Coaching. He works with leaders in all aspects of life to identify and overcome obstacles in their desired future. “Quetico” (KWEH-teh- co).

He came to the field of coaching after a 35-year career in educational publishing, where he served as an editor, marketer, and eventually the head of all publishing disciplines. There, he was first exposed to coaching – as a client – self-awareness and realizing that leadership is behavior in the service of those doing the work.
Prior to his career in educational publishing, Jeff taught high-school American history and government.

Jeff currently co-hosts the Getting Unstuck—Cultivating Curiosity, which focuses on helping individuals and organizations lead productive change – a change that helps them achieve their desired outcomes and impact.

Jeff co-authored Shifting: How School Leaders Can Create a Culture of Change. Shifting integrates leadership development and change mechanics in a three-part change framework to help guide school leaders and their teams toward productive change.

Steven Miletto, EdD has been an educator in Georgia (US) for 37 years. He has served public school families as a history teacher, assistant principal, high school principaI, and a Regional Education Service Agency Executive Director. In 2009, he was the Georgia Principal of the Year and a finalist for NASSP/MetLife National Principal of the Year in 2010. As a teacher he taught US and world history, was a yearbook sponsor, theater sponsor and soccer goalie coach. Additionally, he was the teacher of the year at Southwest DeKalb High School in 1989. His focus in education is to help kids achieve their dreams.

This is a “Two Men on a Park Bench” episode where Jeff and I talk about Homer Hickam, Jr’s memoir – Rocket Boys. We discuss the story in terms of the need student agency in schools.

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