February 22, 2024

Judith Peck – Dynamic Play & Creative Movement: Powering Body and Brain – 580

Author: Steven Miletto

Dr. Judith Peck shares her book Dynamic Play & Creative Movement: Powering Body & Brain. This is episode 580 of Teaching Learning Leading K-12, an audio podcast.

Dr. Judith Peck is Professor Emerita of Art, Ramapo College of New Jersey. She is author of several fiction and non-fiction works and a sculptor with work in eighty collections, including the Yale Gallery of Art, the Ghetto Fighters Museum in Israel, libraries, universities, and cultural and religious institutions here and abroad. 

Dr. Peck holds a doctoral degree from New York University and two master’s degrees from Columbia University. She is recipient of the 2020 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and has completed the first draft of a 4th novel about an art therapist who helps solve a school shooting. 

Judith grew up in Baltimore Maryland. She has four grown children and twelve grandchildren and resides in Mahwah, New Jersey. 

Images and videos of her sculpture can be viewed at www.jpecksculpture.com.  Descriptions of her books can be seen at www.iapbooks.com

Our focus today is on her book… Dynamic Play and Creative Movement: Powering Body and Brain

A little bit about her book …

Dynamic Play and Creative Movement offers accessible methods to enliven and enrich education for young children from ages four to eleven using imagination, movement and improvisation.

Preschool and elementary grade teachers will find the material directly usable in their classrooms to foster creativity and cognitive understanding in children.

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