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Evaluated from the veteran’s perspective for university culture, academic outcomes/quality, student support, academic policies, and cost and financial aid.

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Ranked in the top 5 of more than 2,100 online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility.


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The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs requires commitment to continuous improvement centered on student skill development.

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Committed to quality teaching, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education upholds the standard of excellence for teacher preparation.

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Ranked #3 for breadth of programs, academic outcomes, affordability, and the variety of online learning opportunities.

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Ranked #5 for affordable tuition and flexible program format.

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Recognized for best practices in military and veteran education, a strong military culture, flexibility, financial aid availability, on-campus and online support services.

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Programs for Nearly Every Field

Go from merely surviving in your current job to thriving in the career of your dreams.

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Enjoy Flexible Courses

Liberty’s online degrees are taught in a flexible virtual classroom environment, allowing students to complete assignments on their own schedules.

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Backed by a Physical Campus

You can tailor your degree to match your area of study while studying at our state-of-the-art Virginia campus or globally online.

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Military Support

Liberty University is dedicated to providing a world class educational experience to military students from all over the world.

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Top FAQs

Still have questions? Check out our full
FAQs page for more answers.

What does it mean that you are a Christian college?

Since 1971, we’ve had one mission – Training Champions for Christ. That is, and always will be, the core of Liberty University. But as we are increasingly in the public eye of a culture that understands Christianity less and less, it is important that we clearly define what we mean by “Champion for Christ.”

It is an advocate. A defender. Someone who champions living like Christ displays gratitude, humility, integrity, joy, love, service, and unity. At Liberty, a champion is a Christ-centered man or woman with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for impacting tomorrow’s world.

Here, all of our courses are taught from a biblical perspective because we don’t just train skilled professionals — we train exceptional professionals who want to make a difference. We believe this focus on ethics sets our students apart from their peers — in fact, many employers seek out our students because of their reputation for trustworthiness. Students from any faith background are welcome to study with us, and many find the experience personally enriching.

How quickly can I complete my degree?

Degree completion time greatly depends on the chosen program and the amount of transfer credit you may have. For undergraduate online degree programs, the more credits you transfer in, the faster you will complete your degree online. You may be able to earn credit for professional training, through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Institutional Challenge Examinations (ICE), or by utilizing credit from previous college courses, you have taken. For online graduate and postgraduate programs, it depends on the program and the amount of time you have available to spend on your classes. Most online undergraduate and graduate degree programs have a certain number of courses that must be completed through Liberty to graduate. Please contact our Admissions Department to learn more.

How do online classes compare to traditional on-campus classes?

Traditional classes are completed through structured face-to-face lectures and class time, and they operate on a semester-by-semester basis. Most online classes last eight weeks, while some are 14 or 17 weeks in length, and a few select programs require minimal one- or two-week on-campus intensives. During that time, you can choose how and when you want to study. As long as you turn assignments in by your professors’ deadlines, you can set your own pace. Through it all, you’ll have access to an extensive digital library, online study aids, writing resources, and technology support. Many employers look very favorably on the fact that online students have the discipline to manage their schedule and work simultaneously. Employers typically support online programs and their employees’ enrollment in an online degree with Liberty University’s online programs.

What are the admission requirements for my program?

Please visit the admission requirements page for the requirements specific to your program.

Do you accept International students?

Yes. Liberty University Online has students studying from countries all around the globe. Through our convenient online format, students can complete their online programs without residency requirements for most programs. A few programs require minimal one- or two-week on-campus intensives at times convenient to the student. Students residing outside of the United States with intensive requirements should speak with resident admissions about VISA eligibility.

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Online Master’s, Bachelor’s, & Doctoral Degrees

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