June 19, 2024

Report: 5 models for how colleges can rethink credentials

Author: Ray Schroeder
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Ben Unglesbee, Education Dive
With students growing reluctant to take on debt and employers focusing their hiring requirements, colleges are seeking ways to measure relevant technical and soft skills and expand their offerings beyond traditional two- and four-year degrees, explains a new report from the nonprofit Education Design Lab (EDL). The report suggests five models institutions can use to address demand for a wider range of credentials, while also considering the need to keep tuition costs down and the availability of new learning technology. Those models include: becoming a “Netflix-style” curator and distributor of educational content; offering services to assess coursework and other learning experiences; cracking the code on reconciling work and life experiences with how colleges and employers measure accomplishments; and being the bridge between higher ed and employers to understand the skills they seek in hires.


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