July 17, 2024

Standard of Proof Webinars

Author: Michael Feldstein
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I have some announcements and updates to share regarding the Standard of Proof webinars. All good stuff, which I’m sure we could all use more of these days. As a general reminder, Standard of Proof webinars are always about contributions that vendors have made to our general knowledge or capabilities for supporting students—i.e., contributions that don’t just help their own customers—and they always include academics who were meaningful partners in the work. Companies featured in the Standard of Proof webinars are all sponsors of the Empirical Educator Project (EEP), but sponsorship does not guarantee a webinar. Only a qualifying contribution to the educational commons, as judged by me, earns them a webinar. This is not just promotional fluff. So I’m pleased to share the latest with you, which you’ll see represents an uptick in our tempo.

First, the video archive of the webinar on the LXPathways learning architect and instructional technologist competency programs from iDesign is now live on YouTube. Or you can just watch it here, if you have the hour:

iDesign LX Pathways Standard of Proof webinar

Second, a reminder that we have a webinar tomorrow with Macmillan on their method for studying the effectiveness of their products early in the product development cycle. I serve as a (paid) member of the Macmillan Impact Research Advisory Council (IRAC), so I have had both a ring-side seat and some input on this process. The transparency they are attempting to provide regarding what they know about product impact, how they know it, and how confident they are in the results at any given moment is commendable. I’m looking forward to that conversation tomorrow, i.e., Wednesday, March 10th at 2 PM ET. Register for the Macmillan efficacy methodology webinar here.

Third, you may have seen an announcement go out earlier today about our webinar for next Wednesday, March 18th at 2 PM ET for our Driving Toward a Degree webinar with Tyton Partners. We still have a lot to learn about increasing graduation rates, particularly among first-generation, post-traditional, and underrepresented students. Tyton has made an important contribution with their finding of the value of a coordinated response that far too few colleges and universities even attempt to achieve for this sort of effort. Their methodological approach to studying the impact of different approaches is also really interesting. Register for the Driving Toward a Degree webinar here.

And finally, I have a hold-the-date pre-announcement for a follow-up webinar on the research AdmitHub has been doing. (You can see the video of our webinar with them on summer melt here.) This research has broader implications for helping students get to graduation. I’ll hold the details until we have the description nailed down with the participants—this is new research, so I always want to get the characterization right—but for now, save the date for a webinar on Thursday, April 9th at 2 PM.

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