October 3, 2023

State of K–12 IT Survey Highlights Cloud Technology and Security [#Infographic]

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State of K–12 IT Survey Highlights Cloud Technology and Security [#Infographic]
Thu, 01/10/2019 – 13:39

Cloud migration and cybersecurity solutions are two important areas for K–12 schools looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure, according to a survey conducted by nonprofit organization Project Tomorrow.

Eighty percent of K–12 districts are using cloud-based software to improve everything from classroom collaboration and administrative tasks to phone systems

With the incorporation of cloud-based tools, K–12 schools are starting to consider more effective privacy and security measures, such as identity access management and managed cloud services from third-party vendors that can take responsibility for overseeing security.

“On the IT side of things, there are tools emerging from standard vendors, including cloud access security brokers, that are designed to help look for and set alerts for data going onto the cloud,” says Robert Ayoub, program director for security products at IDC. “These tools are really great, and I know a lot of school districts tend to be behind the curve when it comes to IT and security.”

For a clearer picture of where the technological needs and trends are when it comes to K–12 cloud migration and security, Project Tomorrow created an infographic with data from its most recent survey.

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