Author: Juan José Calderón Amador
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Hoy traemos a este espacio este artículo titulado “THE FUTURE OF WORK AND EDUCATION IN THE WORLD. de Fernando Alcoforado.

This article aims to demonstrate the need for restructuring the education system in all
countries of the world as a consequence of the profound changes that are occurring in the world of work due to the technological advance, especially with the use of artificial intelligence in productive activities. 
Keywords: Technological advancement, Future of working, New education system required.

FERNANDO ANTONIO GONÇALVES ALCOFORADO was born on December 14, 1939 in Salvador / Bahia/ Brazil, is PhD in Territorial Planning and Regional Development from University of Barcelona (Spain), Graduate in Electrical Engineering from UFBa – Bahia Federal University and Specialist in Engineering Economy and Industrial Management from UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro . Has specialization course in Total Quality Control by Christiano Ottoni Foundation, Zero Base Budgeting in the Management Center of Brazil, Strategic Planning in the Management Center of Brazil, in Technology Forecasting by Idort and Economic Operation of Power System for Power Technology Inc. F. ALCOFORADO was Consultant to UNESCO on Science, Technology and Innovation (2014), held the positions of Director of the School of Business Administration of Integrated Colleges Olga Mettig in Salvador, Bahia (2003/2005), Chairman of IRAE- Romulo Almeida Institute of Advanced Studies (1999 / 2000), Chairman of the Engineering Club of Bahia (1990/1991), Secretary of Energy of the State of Bahia (1988/1991), Advisor of CEPRAM – Board of Environmental Protection, Advisor of CDI – Industrial Development Board, Advisor of Conder – Development Company of the Metropolitan Region of Salvador (1988/1991), Advisor and Director of CREA (Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy Council) – Bahia (1988/1992), Director of International Relations of ABEGÁS – Brazilian Association of State Companies Gas (1990 / 1991), City of Salvador Secretary of Planning (1986/1987), Vice President of ABEMURB – Brazilian Association of Municipal Planning and Urban Development (1986), Coordinator of Strategic Planning of Ceped-Center of Research and Development of Bahia (1976/1978), Advisor to the Vice President of Engineering and Technology of Light (1973/1975) and Advisor to the Planning Superintendent of Light (1971/1973). F. ALCOFORADO has held teaching activities teaching the disciplines Economics of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Course Post-Graduate in Regional Development and Environmental Planning, UNIFACS, Salvador, 2011), Corporate Strategy (MBA in Business Management, FGV, Salvador, 2009), Financial Management and Tourism Projects (Tourism Course, Faculty of Administration of Tourism, FAMETTIG, Salvador, 2003-2005), Quality Management, Strategic Planning, Operations Research, Production Management and Analysis and Evaluation of Investment Projects (Business Administration Course, FACEX Faculty of FAMETTIG, Salvador, 2003-2006), Production Systems I and II (Course of Production Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology- Área 1, Salvador, 2004-2005), Energy Planning (Energy Planning Course VIII and Latin American Symposium IV, COPPE / UFRJ, Rio, 1990), Course of Planning of Energy Sector (Core Technology Services of Polytechnic School of Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, 1988), Production Management (UNIFACS, Salvador, 1978/1982) and Strategic Planning (UNIFACS, Salvador, 1978/1982). F. ALCOFORADO is a member of Bahia Academy of Education, member of Brazilian Academy of Letters of Rotary- Bahia Section, Effective Member of the Historical and Geographical Institute of Bahia, Benefactor Member of AEPET-Engineers Association of Petrobras, Benefactor Member of ABENC- Brazilian Association of Civil Engineers, Partner and Advisor of IRAE-Romulo Almeida Institute for Advanced Studies and Engineering Club of Bahia. Acts currently as professor of graduate courses in Business Administration, Economy and Engineering of various educational institutions in Brazil and as a consultant to national and international public and private organizations in the areas of strategic planning, business planning, regional planning and planning of energy systems. F. ALCOFORADO is the author of the books Globalização (Globalization) (Editora Nobel, São Paulo, 1997), De Collor a FHC- O Brasil e a Nova (Des)ordem Mundial (From Collor to Cardoso Government- Brazil and New World (Dis)Order) (Editora Nobel, São Paulo, 1998), Um Projeto para o Brasil (A Project for Brazil) (Editora Nobel, São Paulo, 2000), Os condicionantes do desenvolvimento do Estado da Bahia (The determinants of the development of the State of Bahia) (PhD Thesis. Barcelona University,, 2003), Globalização e Desenvolvimento (Globalization and development) (Editora Nobel, São Paulo, 2006), Bahia- Desenvolvimento do Século XVI ao Século XX e Objetivos Estratégicos na Era Contemporânea (Bahia-Development of the XVI Century to the Twentieth Century and Strategic Objectives in the Contemporary Era)(EGBA, Salvador, 2008), The Necessary Conditions of the Economic and Social Development-The Case of the State of Bahia (VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft 

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