December 3, 2023

Translations of My Writing

Author: Christy Tucker
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One of the coolest things about writing a blog is seeing how others use my work. Several of my posts have been translated to other languages. I’m grateful to these translators who are bringing my content to a wider audience.

Branching Scenarios in French

Les scénarios à embranchements by Marine Mas is more of an adaptation and condensation of several posts than a strict translation. Her post draws from How to Get Started Writing Branching Scenarios and What to Write First in Branching Scenarios.

Instructional Design Careers in Spanish

Andrea Godoy at TicTacTep has recently translated several of my instructional design careers posts.

Translations of My Writing

Are you interested in translating?

Consider this my blanket permission if you’re interested in translating my posts for your own blog. I only ask that you cite me and provide a link back to the original source. I also appreciate an email or Tweet when you publish. It’s fun seeing other versions of my work.

If you have translated one of my posts already and I didn’t include you on this list, please let me know. I’ll be happy to update this post with additional links.

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