May 20, 2024

Trends and blends

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Image captured by Angeles Sánchez-Elvira Paniagua

Earlier this week I took part in two online webinars. The first was a presentation of my thoughts on the state of play of blended learning methods in universities. The second, two days later was a panel discussion focused on the present day practices and the future of blended learning. All of the links are below, courtesy of the Empower Higher Education events team at EADTU (European Association for Distance Teaching Universities).

Webinar recordings:

Wednesday 26 June: Good practices in Blended Learning part 1part 2

Thursday 27 June: Panel discussion on the present and future of Blended Learning with Steve Wheeler, Antonio Moreira Teixeira and Stephan Poelmans.

PowerPoint presentations:

Tuesday 25 June: 

In the Mix (Steve Wheeler, Learning Innovations

Wednesday 26 June:

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