December 8, 2023

Warm Jackets, Warmer Hearts – Holiday Party Recap

Author: Stephanie Ivec
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It’s that time of year again. You can feel the excitement in the air. You know that things are just a little bit different now. …And you are ready to beat your foosball opponents to within an inch of their collective lives. Metaphorically speaking, of course! Ah, the holidays.


That’s right, my friends. It’s time for the eLearning Brothers Holiday Party.

Like most things, eLearning Brothers tends to approach the holiday party a touch beyond the norm. I suspect that not everyone would look at foosball and see the inherent symbolism in the game that lines up so well with this special holiday season. I wouldn’t dare spoil it for you. You deserve to discover it on your own.

This past Wednesday, eLearning Brothers gathered together to get all kinds of rockstar festive. The original founding eLearning Brother, Andrew Scivally, gathered us all together—not unlike a family gathered ‘round the Christmas tree to hear merry tales of yesteryear. As we looked back at 2018, the tales were of new highs, personal bests, and goals for the future.


Andrew Scivally kicking off the 2018 holiday party

Andrew Scivally kicking off the 2018 holiday party


Talking about everything we accomplished in 2018 and our ambitious goals for 2019 made everyone pretty hungry! Luckily, we all were made merry by a potluck style lunch. Unfortunately, the day did go downhill afterward…for those that found nothing but defeat at the foosball table, anyway. So who did win? The few, the proud, the BDRs representing Team Captivate! Congrats, Damon and d’Artagnan. Everyone else—there’s always next year!


You can watch the Foosball tournament on our Facebook page.


eLearning Brothers employees watching the annual foosball tournament

Left, the eLearning Brothers team gathered around the foosball tournament. Right, Zach Batty narrated the intense plays to a captivated audience.


Even merrier than the foosball winners were the faces of each little boy and girl as they received brand new eLearning Brothers coats as a holiday gift. We’ll all be warm and toasty this winter, for sure!


Zach Batty playing Santa Claus with the 2018 company gift, branded jackets

Zach Batty playing Santa Claus with the 2018 company gift, branded jackets

These words but hint at the tale told by the accompanying visions of the holiday party. We hope that your holidays are just as enjoyable with your respective companies and family this holiday season!

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