March 3, 2024

5 Podcasts New Graduates Should Download Immediately

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By Frances Bridges

College graduates are about to get a lot of advice: good, bad and unsolicited. But listening to the expertise of academics, entrepreneurs and other successful professionals in their respective fields during a commute, in a waiting room, while running errands, etc., is a productive and efficient use of time, time that is normally squandered. Using that time to improve oneself, to listen to interesting academics, entrepreneurs, etc., pays off over time, and leads to a more informed professional and a more well-rounded person. There are endless podcast options, so where should you start? Below are a few outstanding podcasts, especially for college graduates that are filled with excellent career and life advice:

WorkLife With Adam Grant 

The New York Times bestselling author and organizational psychologist makes one of the best podcasts for individual and workplace improvement, tackling subjects from handling rejection to networking when you hate networking. Grant speaks with some of the most unusual and successful professionals across varying industries, from finance to advertising. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve themselves or their workplace, but it is an especially great listen for new college graduates on how to prepare for this next chapter, and how to prepare for and potentially avoid some of the obstacles they will face.

Must-listen episode: How To Love Criticism

NPR’s How I Built This With Guy Raz

 TED Radio Hour host Guy Raz interviews some of the world’s most esteemed entrepreneurs behind some of the world’s most recognizable companies on How I Built This. He has interviewed everyone from Sara Blakely of Spanx to Cathy Hughes of Radio One to John Mackey of Whole Foods Market to Troy Carter of Atom Factory, asking them about their background, how they got their business idea, how they brought it to life, how they overcame obstacles and made their business a success. Their is a particular emphasis on the early days of their business, and the many failures and insecurities that usually precedes success. It is an absolute must for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Must-listen episode: Spanx: Sara Blakely

How To Be Awesome At Your Job

Pete Mockatis was not satisfied with the generic, “You’re doing great!” feedback he was receiving at work. Mocaktis writes that he wanted “a clear and actionable road map of the things I need to do to get where I want to go.” Recent topics on the podcast include procrastination, how to spend less time e-mailing and understanding fear to overcome it.

Must-listen episode: Understanding Fear In Order To Overcome It With Ruth Soukup

Career Talk: Learn, Grow, Thrive

Career Talk feels made for recent graduates with episodes dedicated to topics such as choosing your major to student debt to writing cover letters, but it also discusses building confidence, how to be more productive, asking for help, etc. Host Stephanie Dennis is very conversational as she divulges information like she was a friend having lunch with you, as opposed to you being a fly on the wall during an interview or in the audience of a presentation.

Must-listen episode: How To Answer The Interview Question ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

Millennial Money

Grant Sabatier, the author of Financial Freedom and the host of the Millennial Money podcast how to save more money, start a side hustle, invest intelligently and reach financial independence and reach early retirement.

Must-listen episode: A Real Money Strategy 


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