May 24, 2024

7 Warning Signs an Online Degree is a Scam

Author: Ray Schroeder
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Devon Haynie, Josh Moody; U.S.News & World Report
For prospective online students, searching for a degree program can sometimes feel like being lost in the wilderness.   The ubiquity of online education programs comes with promises of quick, effortless degrees that seem too good to be true. Sometimes that’s exactly the case, and students who are duped by the schemes are left with a sizable hole in their wallet and no legitimate credential. The growth of online education in recent years has led to more opportunities for legitimacy and transparency, says Judith Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which works to provide quality assurance in higher education. Despite the growth of online education, scams and diploma mills still persist on the web. Linked below are seven signs that an online program may not be legitimate:

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