July 23, 2024

Check Your Spelling & Grammar with the free Microsoft Editor Browser Extension

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Many of you probably do lots of writing using online applications. This is especially true as many of us are spending a lot more time working remotely. If you do a lot of writing, odds are you can use one of those handy browser extensions to help with spelling and grammar.

I’ve used Grammarly, in the past. It’s a really good extension and works well. In fact, I used it for a quite some time. However, I’m always open to new browser apps and extensions, especially if they’re not too intrusive to what I’m working on. Personally, I had to quit using Grammarly because it slowed down my work and often the feature interfered with what I was doing, so I found myself turning it off more than on.

Microsoft recently introduced their grammar/spelling browser extension, Microsoft Editor. The app is available to anyone, but with a Microsoft account, you have access to more features and multiple languages. I’ve been using it for about a week now. I find it to be light and responsive.

microsoft editor for e-learning

If you do your course editing in your e-learning authoring tool like Rise 360, then Microsoft Editor is a tool that comes in handy.

Below is a quick overview of the Microsoft Editor app and how I use it in Rise 360 when building online training programs.

There are a few good grammar and spell checker tools out there. This is one I like.

What are your thoughts?

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