July 17, 2024

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Ahmad Shah Adami
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Future of Artificial Intelligence, Learn fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence from Scratch.

Course Information:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being widely recognized to be the power that will fuel the future global digital economy. AI in the past few years has gained geostrategic importance and a large number of countries are striving hard to stay ahead with their policy initiatives to get their country ready.

India’s own AI Strategy identifies AI as an opportunity and solution provider for inclusive economic growth and social development.

Why Enroll:

AI uses intelligent machines built in a way that they react like humans. The primary process involved in making these smart machines is to carry out decision making, which analysis and uses data available in an enterprise.

It is similar to the human mind absorbing and synthesizing information and providing the required decision. It is used in various fields such as:

  1. Healthcare industry
  2. Artificial Intelligence in responding to your emails.
  3. Smart Phone
  4. Smart Home Devices
  5. Automobile Industry
  6. Music and Movie Recommendation services
  7. Retail industry
  8. Security Surveillance
  9. Fraud Detection
  10. Online Customer Support

Course Detail:

AI Course is divided into four sections.

  • The first is about the introduction of Artificial Intelligence i.e. what is AI?
  • The second is How & Why AI is important to us, etc. the next section covers the relevance of AI with other technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, etc.
  • The third section covers the AI Project Cycle – Problem Scoping, Data Acquisition, Data Exploration, Modelling & Evaluation.
  • The last section covers a case study on Neural Network. All these sections will help you to understand AI and also help to decide your career in AI.

Note: CBSE has introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject at Class IX from the Session 2019-2020 onwards.

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