June 22, 2024

Is this a scam or legit?

Author: /u/contigofinn
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So I’ve been researching online veterinary course and I came across this college called Animal Behavior College (ABC) and it almost seems too good to be true. Even with my doubts I put in my number to request more information.

I got a call from the college which is located in California (I’m from Canada btw). Basically if I wanted to go for vet assistant I would do half online and 100 hours in a clinic. Tuition is about $4000 CAD. Everything about that sounds great to me, but with all the scams around these days I’m always cautious. So I’m wondering if anyone has dealt with them? Or heard anything good/bad or just any advice you have. It’s my dream to work with animals but I don’t want that to cloud my judgement.

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