December 4, 2023

Joe Dockery: Arts & Media Educator – Real World Projects Through Community Partnerships – 566

Author: Steven Miletto

Joe Dockery: Arts & Media Educator – Real World Projects Through Community Partnerships. This is episode 566 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

A frontline classroom arts and media educator. A professional development leader. An author and frequent conference presenter. Joe Dockery makes sure his students work on real world projects through partnerships he’s developed with local businesses and organizations throughout the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington state. He’s an Adobe Education Leader and has inspired educators coast to coast as they integrate technology tools and resources into the arts and media curriculum. He’s received the Washington State Golden Apple Award, Radio Shack’s Technology Teacher of the Year Award, both the “Best of the Best’ and “Making IT Happen” awards from ISTE, and the Adobe Education Leader “Impact” Award.

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Length – 41:28

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