May 22, 2024

Leading Without an OPM in the Age of ‘Bigger Is Better’

Author: Ray Schroeder
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Evangeline J. Tsibris Cummings and Vincent J. Del Casino Jr., Inside Higher Ed

Building and managing their own online programs helps institutions transform themselves and prepare for the future, Vin Del Casino and Evie Cummings argue. To survive and prosper in this moment of massive change in higher education and the noise of “mega-universities” and to lead higher education into its next quarter century, it will take great courage, clarity of vision and purpose, and the empowerment and high expectations for impact among our faculty and staff. We must be mindful that while it requires leadership at your university, building an effective and integrated online experience also demands partnership with external stakeholders — state officials, university boards and accrediting agencies — whose focus on student completion and success must be geared toward the long game of a sustainable future.

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