March 3, 2024

Like Udemy but synchronous

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Is there any platform like Udemy but for synchronous/live courses?

I’ve been taking a wine class using Zoom with a small group of people from all over the world (teacher is from Italy).

We have weekly assignments and participate in live discussions. We also have a Google group where we exchange information.

It isn’t cheap, it’s not a $150 course discounted to $9.99 like Udemy, but it’s been amazing and I would like to take more courses in other areas of interest using this type of format.

I feel my level of engagement and commitment is much greater this way perhaps because there’s accountability amount the participants as well as immediate feedback from the teacher (you can raise your hand and ask questions for example, and he reviews your assignments with you).

But I haven’t found a platform that allows me to browse and join live classes, everything is offline/asynchronous.

For this particular class I was invited by a friend who knows the teacher.

During the pandemic I also did an unofficial virtual tour of MOMA also using Zoom or maybe Hangouts, this one was free, again put together by a friend, and it was VERY good.

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