MOOCs and the Master’s Degree

Author: Ray Schroeder
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By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
It has been just about 12 months since the University System of Maryland (USM) announced a partnership with edX to deliver four MicroMasters programs: non-credit master’s level courses intended to accelerate the process of earning an advanced degree. The idea was to support an “inverted admissions process.” Students could try out the master’s-level coursework before making the commitment to a full-on master’s degree program. Even in those earliest days, the system made no promises about the possible results they were expecting. A headline for a news release at the time used the word, “may,” as in, “may accelerate [the] path to advanced degrees and save students thousands of dollars.” As with much about MOOCs, nobody knew whether the “mini-master” concept would gain traction among students, let alone become a “gateway” to advanced degrees.

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MOOCs and the Master’s Degree
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