April 22, 2024

Moving into a public policy analysis oriented professional position – need recommendations for online courses (stat, quant/qual analysis, etc, with public policy lens ideally)

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I’m posting this here because I didn’t have very much luck in the statistics subreddit.

I work at a multilateral public policy and citizen engagement organization and over the next few months I’ll be transitioning to a new team that we hope will be a sort of in-house think tank of policy experts. Unlike most of the other members of my team I don’t yet have my master’s degree, and my director approved of the idea of me taking night or weekend classes related to public policy and statistics to help me be a more valuable team member.

I’m sure you get questions like this often, but what are some great, fairly introductory online courses to statistics/qualitative/quantitative analysis available that I could start taking either immediately or at least sometime in the next 1 to 2 months. Any that are public policy focused would be particularly useful, but if not then just some great intro to stats/quan/qual analysis courses would be great. I also have budget to pay for courses, so they don’t have to be free (though if there are some great free courses available I wouldn’t complain). I’ll answer any questions in the comments as needed, thanks

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