April 12, 2024

Online Neuroscience Degree (Penn LPS and others?)

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I’m currently studying neuroscience at Virginia Tech and yeah I kind of hate it. Dorm and college life are absolutely not for me, and I am going to jump off a cliff if I have to stay for 4 years. The coursework is SLOW, prerequisites are mandatory, and I’m really not digging the social/community aspect being forced on me. Ideally I want to drop out and do an entirely online 100% self paced undergrad neuroscience program that will set me up to go to grad school. I’m a very fast learner and I do much better when I can just keep going and work on my own strange extended non-24 sleep schedule. I want to try and knock out undergrad in a year by dedicating an unprecedented amount of time and effort to my education and coursework. My college offers no options to get ahead, work ahead in the class, or test out of prerequisites, and also locks freshmen and sophomores out of many junior and senior classes. I have always been on an accelerated middle & high school program and I want to take advantage of the first real ‘up’ i’ve had in a long time by knocking out as much work as possible. Saying I have to stay 4 years or 3 + a summer to finish undergrad is going to destroy my wallet and leave my parents and I in debt for years. The most promising candidate looks like the BAAS bachelor’s degree with neuoscience certificate from Penn LPS, but I can’t find anything about the quality of the program online, whether or not I’ll be able to use the degree to get into a good grad school, and if it’s truly self-paced or if it limits assignments to like 2/wk. If this is the case, are there any good online neuroscience majors which will let me get 100% done with undergrad, allow me 100% self paced coursework 24/7, allow me to get as far ahead as possible, and will be accepted by good grad schools?

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