March 5, 2024

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Hi everyone. I am a software engineer and I have learnt a lot of concepts and subjects online – via youtube videos, reading blogs, research papers and also technical books. One constant problem I face is that I have questions quite often. Questions have the following types:

  1. general concepts (which i google, and sometimes I get correct results, and sometimes not – depending on the complexity of the query)
  2. specific questions regarding the material I have watched/read – so these are very specific to what the teacher/author is saying and can only be answered by them or other people consuming this video/writing – for example, in lectures, you hear students (in the video), ask questions, but you cant hear those questions and the teacher replies to it.. but then you do not understand since you don’t know the question. Or, the teacher speaks gives an example and you have questions about that (what do you google in this case??)

So do you people also face similar issues? If so, how do you solve it?

Thank you for your time 🙂

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