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Now available! The CITP Online Certification Preparation Course.

The course consists of 9 modules in the following topic areas: strategic planning, incentive program design, sales, professional development, program management, technology, financial management, CSR and sustainability, and risk and crisis management, with 3.5 hours of content (3.5 CE credits). The course is mapped to the CITP Exam Content Outline and is designed to help you test your knowledge as you prepare to site for the CITP Examination.

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Past Webinars

SITE and ECPAT Webinar: Human Trafficking – What We Can Do About It

  • Annamaria Ruffini, Dr. CMP, President & CEO, Event In & Out S.R.L
  • Julie Johnson, Director of Media & Industry Relations, SITE

Description: Human trafficking is a modern day slavery. Oddly, as an industry, we contribute to it. During any large event, such as Super Bowl, a large convention or a carnival, human trafficking spikes. Some of the most desirable incentive travel destinations attract human traffickers, because clients are there. However, the hospitality industry also has amazing power to help.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Hospitality industry is in a unique position to make a positive impact. SITE, as a leading industry organization, can blaze the trail.
  • Shedding the light on human trafficking problem. Bringing it home, personalizing it (sharing cases I ran into as a journalist). Revealing global statistics. Defining the main issues.
  • SITE’s goals regarding the human trafficking philanthropic effort. SITE’s members can sign up for the ECPAT code.

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SITE : Online Education
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