June 16, 2024

The Carnivore Diet

Author: Ahmad Shah Adami
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The Carnivore Diet, Why Going Back to Our Ancestral Diet May Cure Depression, Heart Disease, and Weight Gain.

Have you ever wondered why rates of chronic diseases have skyrocketed the further away humans have moved from what they were born to eat?

Do you share the same skepticism I have with regards to the “official” dietary recommendations that are issued by large health organizations in bed with the food companies?

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, weight gain, acne, or an autoimmune condition that you can’t seem to completely control?

If so, join me in The Carnivore Diet, where I explain where we have gone so terribly wrong in our quest for better health and fitness.

In this course, I will explain…

the 2 million year history of The Carnivore Diet,

why fat is our preferred energy source and not carbohydrates,

how to transition to a carnivore diet from a Standard American Diet (SAD) – pun intended,

how The Carnivore Diet can help your mental health and waistline,

why the fears of nutrient deficiencies on a carnivore diet are unfounded,

whether or not everyone really needs fiber in their diet,

why heart disease and cancer have no relationship to red meat consumption,

whether dietary cholesterol is really bad for heart health,

how animal protein is the ultimate weapon for binge eating disorder, alcoholism, smoking, and other addictive type behaviors,

and finally, how you can enjoy a variety of delicious meats, eggs, and seafood while improving every aspect of your health and fitness!

Happy Learning, and I hope to see you on the inside!


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