July 17, 2024

The Digifest sessions: how to make content accessible with SCULPT

The Digifest sessions: how to make content accessible with SCULPT

Author: mark.lennon@jisc.ac.uk
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In March, we interviewed some of the great speakers from Digifest 2020 to talk about their sessions and experiences of the event.

In this episode we chatted to Helen Wilson, digital designer at Worcestershire County Council about creating accessible content in line with the new WCAG accessibility guidelines using the SCULPT acronym:

  • Structure (use heading styles)
  • Colour and contrast
  • Use of images
  • Links (hyperlinks)
  • Plain English
  • Table structure

A lot has changed since this interview was recorded in March, Helen has shared an update on the programme below:

“Since Digifest, SCULPT has been recognised by many as a bite-sized guide to help raise awareness of how to create accessible content and I was invited to be part of the Government Digital Service Global Accessibility Awareness Day in May 2020. My webinar SCULPT Making accessibility accessible: the secret to engaging your workforce covered our journey to launch SCULPT.

“We have certainly moved on since we last visited you at Digifest. SCULPT has been written into our Digital Strategy at the Council and we have trained several teams and individuals in the creation of accessible content. We launched our introductory SCULPT e-learning module in the Summer and are awaiting approval for it to become part of our mandatory induction training, so all new staff are introduced to importance of accessible digital practice when they join us.

“We have also worked with a training provider to introduce more interactive and hands-on webinars to help people better understand accessible practice in Microsoft products. We still have a long way to go, but SCULPT is now a recognised term at the Council and we have also had other councils and learning providers telling us they are using it too, which is absolutely fantastic. Hopefully next year we can share further SCULPT progress.”

Digifest 2021 will focus on learning and teaching and libraries, taking place over four days in an innovative and interactive online environment. Find out more and book your ticket.

Show notes

Read more about SCULPT for Accessibility.

Episode guest

Helen Wilson, digital designer at Worcestershire County Council


Episode host

Georgie Myers

Georgie Myers, media and content officer at Jisc.


Episode producer

Mark Lennon

Mark Lennon, digital campaign manager at Jisc

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