February 24, 2024

The Future of Work: Why better education doesn’t necessarily translate into better work.

Author: Ray Schroeder
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By Ann Claire Carnahan, US News

The job market has fundamentally shifted in the United States and it is changing how and why Americans work. Through the rise of technology and globalization, competition among workers has become fiercer. Education requirements for employees have risen even though jobs are steadily becoming deskilled. And the mounting anxiety over jobs in an increasingly fluid job market has political, social and personal consequences, according to Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of “The Job: Work and its Future in a Time of Radical Change.” In an effort to keep up, Americans are seeking additional education and are learning new skills. “But it will not inoculate them against the changes that are already occurring or that are coming,” Shell says. For example, the vast majority of future jobs will not require a college education. Already, roughly one in three college graduates are underemployed.


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