July 18, 2024

The Moodle Apps portal is now open – Register your sites!

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by Juan Leyva.  

Hello Moodlers!

As we previously announced, we are introducing a new range of Moodle App Plans that will be available in our newly launched Moodle Apps portal on the 2nd of April.

We encourage you to register your site for free on the portal as soon as possible to enjoy the Moodle App to the fullest for free during the month of April (no restrictions applied).

If you are using MoodleCloud or your site is hosted by a Certified Moodle Partner, the Premium plan will be automatically enabled for your site. We still encourage you to register your site on the Moodle Apps portal so
you can see Push Notifications statistics and enjoy the many exclusive features we will be adding in the upcoming months.

And finally, please remember that our standard app itself is ALWAYS free: students and teachers who use the Moodle app will
never pay any fees. The site owner is the one who subscribes.


Kind regards, Juan

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