May 20, 2024
The Most Spoken Language in The World.

The Most Spoken Language in The World.

The Most Spoken Language in The World.

Author: Skillabration by Teacher Nikki via YouTube
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The Most Spoken Language in The World.

Today you’ll meet Cherry Man Ching Yeung, a Skillabration teacher with over two decades of experience in teaching Mandarin, Cantonese and English as a Second Language.

In this episode, Cherry discusses her life in Hong Kong, Chinese culture, how she learned English, and why she started teaching.

Cherry provides insights into teaching Chinese and the importance of learning a foreign language with a teacher. She shares how she keeps her lessons engaging and uplifting for her students.

Highlights from the Episode:
*Cherry’s career as a teacher and anecdotes from her life
*The first word she learned in English
*Chinese culture
*Tips for learning Mandarin
*A sample lesson from Cherry

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