April 22, 2024

#WeAreOLC: How OLC Impacted Beth Rubin’s Professional Journey

Author: amyschoenrock
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“Early in my career as a researcher & administrator of online learning , I was attending a giant session at OLC Accelerate (then called the Sloan-C annual conference) on the Community of Inquiry, which was coming up on a 10-year retrospective. Phil Ice was talking, and I asked a question about research I was doing on the effect of LMSs on the Community of Inquiry. Phil warmly suggested that I contact him about the upcoming special issue of Internet and Higher Education, even though my study was still in progress. That warm welcome in the middle of a session led to my first publication in the field, and changed my future. I found the most amazing, brilliant and engaged colleagues at OLC, open to new collaborators and eager to advance the field. OLC brings together a very special community, and has a special place in my heart.”

Beth Rubin, Campbell University – Data Analysis Advisor & Volunteer Mentor for OLC Accelerate 2019

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