Summer College Classes: Get Ahead on Your Education

Author: Susan Hoffman
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New summer college sessions start in June — sign up today!

By Susan Hoffman

Contributor, Online Learning Tips
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For many students, taking summer college classes online is a popular and effective way to supplement their education, make up academic credits, and complete a degree more quickly. According to Best Colleges Online, “millions of college students study online and more than one-quarter of all higher education students will take at least one online course.” Similarly, a 2019 Online Education Trends Report notes that “of all students taking at least one online class, almost half (48%) are taking online classes.”

Online classes are popular among many learners, because they provide greater convenience and flexibility than traditional classes at brick-and-mortar schools. A student taking an online class only needs a computer and an internet connection to study from virtually any location in the world, which is particularly helpful for students working or traveling abroad.

And at American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU), the monthly class starts are an efficient way to complete general education requirements over summer break. In addition, online classes provide students with the opportunity to develop professional, in-depth knowledge through classes that may not be available at their own schools.

Advantages of Taking Summer College Classes

There are several advantages to taking summer college classes:

  • Study from home — There’s no need to make a long drive to your campus. You can study at home at a time that best fits your schedule, whether that’s in the morning, during the day or in the evening.
  • Take classes not available at your brick-and-mortar school — APU and AMU offer hundreds of courses in a wide range of fields — such as cybersecurity, management and homeland security — to help you improve your professional knowledge.
  • Transfer courses back to your own university — You could receive academic credit for your online classes at your current school.
  • Benefit from fewer distractions –Taking one or two online classes is easier than taking a full-time course load, so you can focus your energy on learning.
  • Start classes monthly — APU and AMU offer eight-week classes that start on the first Monday of each month.
  • Save money through affordable tuition — Both APU and AMU provide budget-friendly tuition at affordable rates; there is also a book grant for undergraduates, so you receive your textbooks or ebooks at no cost. Be sure to ask about our tuition payment plan options and military grant, too.

There are other reasons for taking summer college classes, too. For instance, these courses can help boost a grade point average, lay the groundwork for future job interviews, and allow you to get a jump on general education courses.

How to Sign Up for Summer College Classes

Signing up for summer college classes is simple. First, use our online course schedule tool to find the class or classes you want to take. Print out the information you’ll need to show your current institution or licensing board, such as any prerequisites for the online class, course objectives, the course materials or books you will need, a previous syllabus from the course, and the proposed session and start date for your class.

Second, talk with an academic advisor at your current university and show your advisor the information about the APU or AMU class you propose to take. Also, check with your university’s admissions or transfer credit department to ensure that the course you want meets all the requirements for the transfer credit process.

Third, complete the enrollment application, which only takes about 15 minutes. There is no cost to apply.

Also, be sure to register as an “Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking” or “Graduate Non-Degree Seeking” student, depending upon the level of the online class you want. If you have questions about completing the online application, call 877-755-2787 or send an email to have university staff guide you through the application process.

Need more information about online classes? Visit our Individual Courses page.

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Summer College Classes: Get Ahead on Your Education
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