June 23, 2024

Todd Bloom – Chief Learning Officer at Kami – Helping to Increase Student Engagement -601

Author: Steven Miletto

Todd Bloom – Chief Learning Officer at Kami – Helping to Increase Student Engagement. This is episode 601 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Kami is an all-in-one classroom sidekick that makes K–12 learning personalized, accessible and engaging, is a popular tool among educators and empowers students through more than 40 tools and features, including rich annotation and markup tools, voice and video comments, read-aloud and voice typing options, imported multimedia, PDF editing and more—providing students multiple means of engagement.

Todd Bloom, the Chief Learning Officer at Kami, talks with me about Kami.

So much to learn and think about.

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Length – 43:45

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